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Configure a check (monitor) for cipher configuration?

Hi Site24x7 Team,

is it possible to configure a check (monitor) for cipher configuration?
Site24x7 should check which ciphers the server returns for xyz.website.com and compare them with the specified ones.
If something does not match, it should send a message.

(Screenshot of SSLLABS.com)

I found to "Add an SSL/TLS Certificate Monitor", but this checks only validity and expiration of the TLS certificate.

Kind regards and thanks for your help,



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Hi Fabian,

I am afraid that the ability to put check nor generate alert based on ciphers configuration is not yet supported.
Instead in SSL certficate monitor, we have alerts based on certificate change.
Under SSL/TLS certificate monitor, we also show Protocols and Cipher details. Not just validity and expiration of the certificates.
Please go through this link for more on that.
Thank you for raising this use case. We will try to include this into our roadmap.
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