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A year of innovation: ManageEngine Site24x7's Cloud Monitoring 2023 highlights

Hello there!

As we reflect on an incredible year, we're thrilled to share the remarkable strides we've made in enhancing ManageEngine Site24x7's cloud monitoring capabilities. Your trust and feedback have been our driving force, propelling us to raise the bar and deliver unparalleled solutions. 

Let's take a look at some of our major product releases.


This year has been a journey of innovation. We released many key features and enhancements that have shaped the way you monitor and manage your AWS resources. Here are some highlights: 

EBS Snapshot inventory insights
Site24x7's monitoring support for EBS Snapshot provides you with full-stack visibility into your EBS snapshot inventory, and enables you to create new volumes based on the snapshot details of available volumes.

Effortless AWS account integration
Swiftly add and integrate multiple AWS accounts to Site24x7 using Site24x7 - AWS Control Tower integration.

Secure data management with AWS Secrets Manager
Track the rotation of secrets and manage your sensitive data with Site24x7's integration with AWS Secrets Manager

Seamless AWS account connection
Connect your AWS accounts to Site24x7 with a single sign-on and experience a smooth integration using the AWS IAM Identity Center method. 

Elastic IP Address monitoring
The Elastic IP monitoring by Site24x7 monitors your Elastic IP addresses with greater detail and provides a bird's-eye view of your Elastic IP address inventory.

EC2 instance process monitoring
Track metric usage and monitor the processes in an EC2 instance configured in the CloudWatch agent with Site24x7's support for Procstat monitoring.

Enhanced security with AWS Trusted Advisor
Site24x7's AWS Trusted Advisor integration monitors and tracks the number of resources with potential issues, as identified by AWS Trusted Advisor, for the efficient management of your resources. 

Amazon VPC integration
Gain a better understanding of your Virtual Private Cloud components such as regions, availability zones, subnets, and network interfaces with Site24x7's integration with Amazon VPC

Amazon RDS Proxy infrastructure insights
Manage your database connections, identify and troubleshoot problems, optimize performance, and ensure that your RDS Proxy deployments are secure with Site24x7 - Amazon RDS Proxy integration. 

New recommendations in AWS Guidance Report
New best practice checks were added for Amazon Secrets Manager, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, and Amazon EC2. Site24x7 now has 227 best practice checks added for AWS services.


It's been a year of enhancement, expansion, and optimization and we're excited to highlight the feature releases that have set new standards in observability in public cloud.

Automation in Action
To initiate remediation actions with least manual intervention, Automation actions were added to many more resource types. Learn how Site24x7 handles the heavy lifting by automating key actions.

Manage your monitors better
To ease your monitor management, on-boarding via Management Group in Azure was introduced. With this on-boarding method, all your subscriptions are created as a monitor giving you a better view of the monitored resources and grouped perfectly as well.

Azure SQL Database monitoring: Enhanced, improved, and data loaded
Databases hosted on Azure SQL are business critical for many of our customers, so we improved the Azure SQL database monitor to provide you with full performance data of the databases.

Resources in different regions? View them according to the region
Your Azure resources are spread across different regions for a reason. Your monitors should display the same way. Our enhanced Inventory dashboard now groups your resources according to the region.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud monitoring realized exponential increases in capabilities and features in 2023, expanding from support for six service types to 21! Not limited to just service types, organization-level monitoring support was extended to help enterprises view their resources better.

Expanded resource support
Comprehensive observability being the forefront ideology behind our feature releases, we expanded resource support. We now boast coverage for more than 20 Google Cloud resource types. Watch for our newsletters because this number is about to go even larger in 2024. You'll be able to analyze an even broader spectrum of services to ensure data in your cloud infrastructure is tracked and monitored.

Guidance Report for Google Cloud
We improved and extended our support for the Google Cloud Guidance Report to include more resource types for Azure and Google Cloud. Designed to equip you with actionable insights and recommendations for optimizing your Google Cloud environments, our guidance reports and service recommendations are your guides to unlocking exceptional performance and efficiency of the cloud platform.

Updating many monitors made easy
Your resources in Google Cloud can reach a staggering number easily. Importing all their monitors into Site24x7 is now easier using bulk update.

2023: We delivered what you requested 
To summarize our Google Cloud journey in 2023, our new Google Cloud organization monitor provides insights at a granular level, and a valuable project monitor was added to the list of reports we provide for Google Cloud monitoring. To get deeper insights into your VMs, server monitoring agent integration was introduced. To make the integration even easier, a Server monitoring integration report was added.

We appreciate you being a part of Site24x7's journey in 2023. As we look forward to the new year, Site24x7 remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions. Your feature and add-on suggestions are a huge part of our success in crafting an all-in-one monitoring solution that best serves the needs of our customers everywhere.

Here's to a successful 2023 and the exciting opportunities that await in 2024!

The Site24x7 team

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