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Manage your resource capacity to ensure optimal performance of workloads and much more!


Site24x7 has extended its monitoring to support Capacity Planning monitors. Capacity Planning provides the analytical data for a group of monitors and is used to determine the capacity required to optimize resources for a particular operation or workload. You can now plan, process, and procure additional resources based on the metrics generated by each Capacity Planning monitor.  

Capacity planning

Benefits of Capacity Planning monitors

With Capacity Planning, you can:

  • View and track the capacity utilization of your resources based on metrics like CPU, memory, and storage.
  • Monitor the health and status of your resources grouped under a Capacity Planning monitor.
  • Forecast and manage the capacity of your resources.
  • Diagnose service issues affecting your resources and drill down to the root cause of problems.
  • Coordinate workloads among resources with Top-N/Bottom-N analysis.
  • Find the outliers, the data points beyond the average value, and maintain the quality of your resources.

Start optimizing your resources using Site24x7's Capacity Planning, and leave your feedback below in the comments.


The Site24x7 team

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We have opened up Capacity Planning for all users in this beta period ( No license/pack limitations ). 


Ananthkumar K S

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