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Extensive Azure Cosmos DB individual service type monitoring

Monitoring your Azure services with our all-in-one Azure observability solution will help you receive automated insights to prevent data silos and maintain 100% uptime with thorough knowledge on resource utilization.

We are thrilled to announce that we are introducing exclusive Azure Cosmos individual database resource monitoring, which encompasses MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Apache Gremlin, NoSQL, Table, and PostgreSQL Cluster.

 What's special ?

  • Monitor out-of-the-box metrics for every Cosmos DB service type. 

  • Gain a bird's-eye view of all your database resources with an exclusive set of insightful reports, like the enhanced inventory report based on your service type.

  • Spot issues and high- or low-consuming resources with the Top N and Bottom N reports.

  • Get notified before any deviation impacts your resources, and receive on-change alerts for highly sensible configurations.

  • Ensure that your database capacity is not overutilized, maintain optimal storage and performance, and reduce costs. 

Be informed that all these individual databases were previously created in the Azure Cosmos DB service type in our Site24x7 web console. Now, we have migrated them to individual service types within our monitoring console.

How to 

You can find the below service types by navigating to Cloud > Azure > your Azure monitor > Service View > look for these services:

P.S.: If you have already configured thresholds in your Cosmos DB monitor, you can relax. We have migrated valid attributes to their respective service types.




Get started by visiting your Site24x7 console now!

Happy monitoring!





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