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Add to Dashboard option the Disk Volume Size and Disk Partition

Hello i would like to request to add in dashboard features the virtual machine current disk space like this:

VM name:

Disk Name
Used (MB)
Free (MB)
Used (%)
Free (%)

This feature can help us to monitor the VM's disk size accurately We appreciate your response regarding this request.

Please see the attached file for your  reference.


Thank you.


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Hi There,
 As an alternative, Please check out "Server Disk Partition Report" under Reports-> Server monitor, which is listed under Reports by Selected Monitor where you'll be able to view Disk Partition related data and make use of the monitor filter to view data per monitor or for All the monitors and export it if needed.

    Regarding providing this option in Dashboards, We are currently working on enhancing our Dashboard module and this will included once we roll it out. Hope this helps.

Note:- Kindly re-attach the file mentioned.

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Is there other way to monitor the every virtual machine disk partition in real-time and also in esxi/host server storage the VM's disk Occupied space and available space is not accurately monitor the VM's.

Thank you for your prompt response.

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