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1 min polling for special monitors

One question, we know that Site24x7 handles a 5min polling time for SNMP devices by default.

Currently, we do not have the support for 1-minute polling for the network interfaces, however, we will consider this as a feature request but we do not have an exact timeline for the same to be available in the product. We'll keep you updated once the feature is released.  

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Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Site24x7. 

We collect the SNMP metrics and traffic data for network devices and their interfaces every five minutes through normal data collection. However, we collect only the status of network devices and their interfaces at one-minute intervals through status polls. 

Hence, detailed SNMP data collection at one-minute intervals is not possible as of now. Nevertheless, we are working on an update where you can configure the polling interval for SNMP data collection. 

In the meanwhile, feel free to contact our support team at support@site24x7.com with any requirements that you may have. We will definitely try to include it along with our future releases. 


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