Automate status updates with monitoring tools

Offering users proactive and timely updates during downtime events is the key to effective incident management. However, imagine a status page that lacks integration with a monitoring tool. The challenges become apparent with the need for manual intervention with every update. Without the efficiency and reliability offered by automation, you may struggle to provide users with timely updates, which can increase their frustration.

Integrating the status page with a monitoring tool eliminates the need for manual intervention and significantly reduces the likelihood of errors. This ensures that users receive timely notifications without relying on the IT team for constant updates. This not only streamlines the communication process but also improves user experience and showcases your organization's commitment to transparency.

Core benefits of integrating with a monitoring tool

Streamline your incident communication process by integrating your status page with a monitoring tool, which:

  • Enhances monitoring 
    Get the real-time status of your services, allowing you to receive automatic incident updates.

  •  Identifies issues 
    Detect and automatically report issues, enabling teams to work on fixing them before they impact users.

  •  Communicates efficiently  
    Receive automated status updates to keep your users informed, resulting in faster communication and increased trust.

  •  Provides historical data  
    Utilize historical data on system performance and incidents, allowing for better analysis, reporting, and optimization of your infrastructure.

Status updates can be automated through three channels: email, Site24x7, and REST API. Explore each method for efficient status management below.

Automate status updates through Site24x7

Site24x7 is a comprehensive cloud-based monitoring solution that provides insights into the performance and availability of your websites, servers, applications, and networks. The platform also offers end-to-end visibility, ensuring efficient monitoring and quicker incident resolution for enhanced user experience.

When Site24x7 identifies an issue within a component, it notifies the StatusIQ system, triggering automatic incident creation. Subsequently, notifications will also be sent to subscribers, providing them timely updates on the impact.

Automate status updates through Email

Facilitating seamless status updates, the StatusIQ platform allows users to automate component statuses by utilizing in-house or third-party monitoring tools. This is achieved through email. Unique email addresses are generated for each component, and users can configure their monitoring tools to send emails to these addresses, subsequently updating the component status or creating incidents in StatusIQ.

REST API for third-party monitoring tools

The integration capability extends its reach beyond the Site24x7 ecosystem by providing a REST API for communication with third-party monitoring tools. The REST API feature opens up a world of possibilities for users leveraging multiple monitoring tools for unified status reporting.


Automating status updates via Site24x7 in StatusIQ offers a multi-faceted solution to the challenges associated with issue identification, fixing, and reporting. It also helps to simplify the process of communication, enhancing the overall efficiency, reliability, and transparency of status reporting in your digital environment.

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