BizTalk Monitoring

Get instant and informative data critical to the functioning of the Microsoft BizTalk server, facilitating effective exchange of documents between business partners.

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Get insights on the send/receive ports and orchestration state.

Obtain in-depth knowledge on the active state of orchestrations: start, stop, bound, or unbound to verify successful transfer of messages.

In addition, gain visibility on the following critical parameters for the send/receive ports and receive location:

  • Inbound transport URL
  • Status of the host
  • If the send/receive port is set up as a request-response port
  • If the send/receive port is dynamic/static
 BizTalk Monitor Overview

Ensure efficient delivery of messages.

Gain inputs on the various metrics related to messaging performance including:

  • Pending message transfers
  • Inbound and outbound latencies
  • Spool size
  • Total number of instances
 BizTalk Messaging

Attain complete visibility of various adapters.

BizTalk supports transfer of messages between applications using SMTP, POP3, FTP MSMQ, SQL, and SOAP adapters. Monitor messages received/sent per second and the active sessions manageable for any adapter.

BizTalk Adapters

Optimize your messaging performance.

Site24x7 gives you detailed metrics for host throttling:

  • Active instance count
  • Database sessions count
  • Message delivery delay
  • Total messages delivered

Configure thresholds and stay alerted.

Set thresholds for host, message box, and adapter performances to be instantly notified when it exceeds the configured value.