Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Monitoring

End-to-end Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) monitoring to ensure a seamless experience in remotely accessing your desktop and applications and solving wvd performance issues.

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Monitor sessions and host pools

Get visibility into critical metrics like active and inactive sessions and hosts in your Windows Virtual Desktop environment.

Monitor critical host metrics

Analyze the uptime status of individual session hosts, and keep track of system metrics like CPU, Memory, Disk Read/Write, and more of each host.

Detailed log analysis

Inspect performance issues by analyzing detailed resource and audit logs with insights on the total number of sessions and hosts, and the reason for downtime.

IT Automation

Detect unusual spikes or aberrations in critical metrics of your Azure WVD with Site24x7's AI-based anomaly framework, and auto-resolve performance and availability issues with IT Automation.

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Complete Azure WVD infrastructure monitoring

Complete insights into your Azure WVD infrastructure

Automatically collect and analyze data around your entire virtual infrastructure, and get insights into critical metrics like CPU utilization during sessions, identify trends in user activity, analyze peak loads, and keep tabs on storage space in individual hubs.

Deep visibility into individual virtual machines in each host

Get visibility into what's happening within each virtual machine in individual sessions to identify problems quickly and pinpoint the root cause. Track the availability and active sessions count of each VM and monitor critical metrics like CPU percentage, Network In/Out, Disk Read/Write, and more.

Deep visibility into individual VMs

Full-stack monitoring


End-to-end visibility

Easy setup

Alerts and Reports