Amazon Cloud Storage Monitoring Made Easy

Amazon S3 Bucket

Ensure Optimal Object Storage within Amazon S3 Buckets

Site24x7 offers in-depth insights on the storage status of AWS S3 buckets round-the-clock ensuring optimal resource utilization

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Amazon Simple Storage Service buckets are automatically discovered as soon as the AWS account is setup, enabling the tracking of the data storage metrics right away.

Agentless Monitoring

Collection of the storage metrics is carried out by means of Amazon CloudWatch APIs for individual S3 resources based on regional end points and instance specific parameters.

Beyond S3 Metrics

Deep visibility into your cloud storage data together with performance stats on EC2, RDS and EBS volumes.

Capacity Planning

In-depth analysis of the storage metrics collected results in faster detection of storage problems and optimal usage of cloud resources.

Check Resource

Verify access to resources stored in S3 buckets using Synthetic URL monitoring.

Complete Cloud Infrastructure Metrics in One View

Determine your public cloud health and utilization with comprehensive metrics captured through Site24x7 AWS monitoring and application monitoring for AWS. Analyze the availability and performance of your AWS EC2, RDS instances and virtual resources.

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