Site24x7 Android App

Track your websites, servers, and application performance on the go.

Supports all website, internet services, security, server, Microsoft application, Docker, Kubernetes, VMware, application performance, real-user, and cloud monitors.

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Track the performance of your resources using the Site24x7 Android App

Track availability and performance

Now easily track the availability and performance of your websites from multiple locations across the globe. Identify performance issues faster and take corrective actions before it affects your customers.

Track the availability of your monitors
Get instant alerts via push notifications

Get instant alerts via Push Notifications

Receive instant alerts on your Android phone via push notifications. Be it a website, server, or application performance issue or downtime, receive instant alerts and take remedial actions. You can also set different alert tones based on the status notification in your mobile apps.

Analyze downtime using Root Cause Analysis

Site24x7 Root Cause Analysis gives you a conclusion on what caused the downtime using webpage screenshots, ping analysis, traceroute, and DNS analysis.

Root Cause Analysis
Outages Report on the App

Outage History

Are you facing constant downtimes? View the history of website, application, and infrastructure outages and be better prepared to negotiate with your provider.

Make sure you meet the SLA promised to your customers

Track the SLA promised to your customer and ensure 100% compliance. Showcase your commitment and track record.

SLA report on Site24x7 Android App
Custom dashboard on Android app

Obtain actionable insights from the custom dashboard

Create customized dashboards, NOC views, and business views highlighting all metrics that are critical for your day-to-day operations.

Keep a tab on issues across monitors using the Alarms View

View a summary of recent alarms with alerts grouped based on monitor name and severity. Assign appropriate technicians to sort issues right from your mobile phone.

Alarms View on Android App
Critical details right on your mobile search screen

View critical details right on your search screen

Grab a quick look at recent alarms and overall monitor status simply using a quick search on your mobile phone. You need not open the app for this.

Other Features

  • Mark an identified downtime as maintenance
  • Delete an incorrect downtime
  • View response time by location
  • Check resource availability from the app