VMware VDI Monitoring

Keep VMware virtual desktops and remote workstations operating efficiently by monitoring VMware Horizon using Site24x7. Stay on top of your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) by monitoring the health and performance of desktop pools, application pools, and virtual machines (VMs). Monitoring infrastructure performance using a VMware Horizon monitoring tool is part of providing a great end-user experience.

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VMware Horizon monitoring

How does Site24x7 monitor VMware Horizon?

VMware VDI monitoring involves monitoring VMware Horizon, which acts as the administrator. This includes monitoring the associated resources, tracking the connections established over different sessions, and alerting admins based on the thresholds configured for various metrics. This monitoring helps debug issues, like high login times while accessing, using maximum and average session logon time metrics.

When a user tries to initiate a VDI session, the user provides credentials to connect to the gateway. Once the View Connection Server validates the credentials, it allocates available resources to the user. The user chooses the required resources, and an encrypted session is initiated where the user connects and works using the VMs.

You can monitor this entire process using the Site24x7 On-Premise Poller, wherein the On-Premise Poller establishes a secure connection with the View Connection Server to obtain the monitoring data. This monitoring takes place at every resource level so all connections are tracked. You can also get visibility into the application and network layers using Site24x7 VMware monitoring.

Full-stack VMware Horizon monitoring

Start by analyzing the connected infrastructure, then go through the connections that use up resources, plan for the future based on usage trends, and set limits to curb resource exhaustion with Site24x7's VDI monitoring insights.

Monitor VDI connections

Enhance operational efficiency

By monitoring client-server connections, desktop pools, application pools, machines, VMs, overall sessions, total connections, tunneled connections, and running processes and applications, you can verify if your resources are efficiently used or if there is room for improvement. You can also identify the number of hanging applications at any point in time from the application summary.

Analyze resource utilization

With stats on the top virtual desktops in terms of CPU and memory utilized by hosts and sessions, you can analyze which virtual desktops use up your resources and modify them accordingly. You can also view the round trip latency, average disk latency, disk IOPS, running processes, and running applications.

Identify top Virtual desktops in your VMware VDI environment
Analyze the health of VDI child servers

Capture profound health analytics

Obtain detailed insights on machine health along with a summary of problematic machines, their split-up, and error-wise classifications. Also, drill down on problematic machines or sessions at every application, manual, and remote desktop session (RDS) desktop pool levels.

Drill down to the session level

Identify slow resources and sessions that are likely causing a poor user experience using performance metrics. Moreover, you can view all key metrics at a glance directly from the dedicated dashboard. Restrict users' entitlement and drill down to the performance in a particular session directly from the graphs.

Monitor VMware Horizon performance in a session
Configure threshold and keep your VDI performance under control

Keep tabs on your infrastructure

Configure threshold limits for all your connections, pools, sessions, gateways, and machines so you don't surpass your license limits. You'll receive instant alerts through mediums of your choice for all threshold breaches. Measure the productivity and efficiency of your workforce based on these insights.

Monitor your resources and connections proactively

Analyze the data and obtain insights based on current trends. You can also analyze the reason behind the long response time from the gateway. Obtain stats at the infrastructure level by using VMware monitoring.

Monitor resources and connections

Setting up VMware Horizon for monitoring is easy

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