VMware Resource Pool Monitoring

Ensure that your VMware vSphere resource pools and virtual machines (VMs) are sized appropriately by tracking the CPU and memory utilization along with their reservations, limits, and share values.

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Get the full picture of your VMware resource pool performance.

Monitor admission control of expandable resource pools.

Resource pools with expandable reservations tend to reserve more resources than anticipated if child resources are configured incorrectly. We keep you aware of the CPU and memory reservation use, unreserved CPU and memory for VMs, and child resource pools.

Timeline chart depicting the tree state of the resource pool

Understand resource pool configuration and its overall state.

The resource pool tree state (Inconsistent, Overcommitted, Undercommitted, and Unknown) determines the type of configuration policies enforced. Our dashboard makes it easy for you to keep an eye out for overall state changes.

Track VM performance inside a resource pool.

Make informed decisions on inventory and capacity planning by continuously tracking the VM's availability, its CPU and memory use, and the number of VMs that are currently being used.

Disk I/O Performance

In-depth CPU and memory metrics.

Identify peak usage periods and track trends in one or more clusters with extensive metrics on:

  • Overall CPU and memory use
  • Maximum CPU and memory use
  • CPU and memory reservation use
  • CPU and memory reservation used for VMs
  • CPU and memory unreserved for VMs
  • CPU and memory unreserved for resource pools

Getting started with monitoring your resource pools.

Log in to your Site24x7 account.

Install an On-Premise Poller.

Add a VMware ESX/ESXi monitor.

Enable resource pool monitoring.