Virtualization Monitoring

Monitor your virtual infrastructure across different platforms like VMware, Nutanix, Hyper-V, and Docker.

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Monitor your virtual infrastructure

Virtualized environments are aplenty these days. Though virtualization makes IT infrastructure simpler, it comes with its own set of challenges that IT admins should be prepared to handle. The basic challenge is getting visibility into the complete virtualized environment. Virtualization monitoring solves this by offering end-to-end monitoring of all virtual platforms and resources, as well as their availability, health, and performance. This leads to quicker identification of issues and better problem-solving.

Site24x7 Virtualization Monitoring

Support across platforms

Site24x7 provides support for different virtualized platforms including:

  • VMware: Complete vSphere monitoring, including stats on vCenter, ESX/ESXi hosts, virtual machines (VMs), datastores, and resource pools. Keep tabs on different performance metrics, detect anomalies well in advance, and forecast future trends with AI-powered insights.
  • Nutanix: Monitor your Nutanix infrastructure thoroughly, including all the resources and processes in every cluster, host, and VM. View the usage trends for resources from different platforms during various timelines.
  • Docker: Analyze the resource usage and performance metrics of Docker containers and hosts. Auto-discover new containers, monitor key metrics, and perform start/stop actions on the go.
  • Hyper-V: Monitor the health and performance of Hyper-V hosts and VMs. Measure the performance of processors, virtual network adapters, and virtual storage.

You can also monitor your internal network and server performance with Site24x7.

End-to-end monitoring for virtual infrastructure

Automatically discover and add your virtual infrastructure for monitoring. Manage all your resources with performance reports, graphs, intuitive dashboards, thresholds, alerts, and more.

Identify top VMs that use resources

Key performance metrics

Track the CPU usage of VMs and host servers, and get detailed analysis of the components that are consuming the most CPU. Identify the storage capacity of each disk partition, and get notified when disk space falls below the threshold set to maintain a minimum amount of available disk space.

Capacity planning and resource allocation

Prevent VM sprawl by making informed decisions about resource allocation for each virtual server. Get notified in case of high memory usage and low memory space to prevent servers from running out of memory.

Plan resource allocation

Benefits of using Site24x7

  • Gain insight into the performance of your virtual infrastructure. Troubleshoot and resolve problems before users are affected.
  • Keep track of user experience both before and after virtualization projects with the help of end-user monitoring.
  • Perform capacity planning and make educated decisions about resource allocation for each virtual server to prevent VM sprawl.
  • Leverage our flexible agentless and agent-based monitoring solutions.
  • Use the mobile app to manage your resources from anywhere.
  • Receive alerts when your resources are in trouble, critical, and down states through various sources like voice call, SMS, email, and third-party tools like Slack and Jira.