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We contracted Site24x7 for on-site training session to learn how to use the tool to properly monitor and manage our various IT systems. This turned out to be an invaluable experience. Now we have gone from utilizing about 25% functionality of the tool to 90% functionality. Site24x7 has been a fantastic addition to our toolbox and the training we received was second to none. We’re glad we signed up.

-Eric Rosenberg Director of Business Intelligence and Finance BHM Healthcare Solutions

Site24x7 Training

Do you want to be a Site24x7 expert? Have you always wanted to learn the tips and tricks that'll help utilize your account to it’s full potential? Well, here's your chance. We're introducing personalized training sessions that'll give an opportunity to interact with our solution experts, and gain insights into interesting best practices in using your Site24x7 console. During these sessions, our product experts will walk you through various real-time scenarios, providing practical hands-on experience. Additionally, we have different type of sessions designed to suit your personalized needs — Free Online, Paid Online and Onsite training sessions that you get to choose from.

The fourth leg of our training sessions for the year 2023 will begin on October 16 and will be conducted over the next 5 days. Each day our product experts will conduct a deep dive on the topic for an 2 hours at three different time slots. Register by clicking on the button below. Can't find your timezone? Click on the button and change the timezone on the Zoho ShowTime registration page.


Session 1

Getting to know Site24x7

  • Site24x7 web console UI
  • Common terminologies

Account setup

  • Understanding users, user roles, and alert settings
  • Adding your first user
Session 2

Introduction to website monitoring

Setting up your first website monitor

  • Monitor-level configurations
    • Content checks
    • HTTP/connection configurations
  • Common configurations
    • Notification profile and threshold profile
    • User alert group
Session 3

Introduction to synthetic monitoring

  • Web transaction monitor
    • Record transaction steps using the Chrome-based extension
    • Upload existing Selenium scripts
  • Webpage Speed monitor
    • Understanding waterfall charts and metrics

Introduction to API monitoring

Setting up a REST API transaction monitor

  • Monitor-level configurations
    • Adding API steps
    • Importing HAR or Swagger 2.0 definitions
  • Common configurations
    • Setting up OAuth providers and Web Tokens

Overview of other supported internet protocol monitors like DNS, Ping, Port, FTP, SMTP, etc.

Session 4:

Introduction to website security related monitors

  • Website defacement
  • SSL certificate and domain expiry monitor
  • Brand reputation and real-time blocklist monitor
Session 1

Agent-based infrastructure monitoring

  • OS/platform support
  • Monitoring Microsoft applications
  • Process/services monitoring
  • Resource check profiles
  • Overview of bulk deployment methods

IT Automation

  • Supported actions and creating automation templates
Session 2


  • Out-of-the-box application service support
  • Plugin template configuration
  • Create custom Linux/Windows plugins
Session 3

Introduction to cloud monitoring

  • Public cloud platform/cloud service support
  • Configurations related to discovery and metrics

Overview of Site24x7 CloudSpend

Session 1

Overview of On-premise Poller

  • Installation
  • High-availability On-premise Poller
Session 2

Introduction to network monitoring

  • Adding network devices
  • Device-templates
  • Topology maps/Layer-2 maps
  • SNMP traps
  • Custom SNMP monitoring

Deepdive into NetFlow monitoring

  • Exporting supported flows like JFlow, sFlow to Site24x7
Session 4

Overview of VMware, Nutanix, and VMware Horizon monitoring capabilities

Session 5

Introduction to log management

  • Supported Log types
  • Creating a log profile and custom log type
  • Setting up alerts on log events
Session 1

Introduction to APM Insight

  • Language and environment support
  • Features: Traces, exceptions, database metrics, service maps, and more
  • Distributed tracing
  • Setting up key transactions
  • Agent configuration profile
Session 2

Custom instrumentation

Session 3

Introduction to real user monitoring (RUM)

  • RUM script deployment
  • Understanding RUM metrics
Session 1

Reports and dashboard

  • Custom reports and dashboards
  • SLA and other off the shelf reports
  • Schedule reports
  • Report settings (SLA setting, business hours)
  • Zoho Analytics integration
Session 2

Monitor actions

  • Import and export monitors
  • Bulk actions
Session 3

Advanced configurations

  • Tags
  • Global parameters
  • Email template
  • Configuration rules


  • Attribute alert groups
  • Third-party integrations
Session 4

Incident management

  • Introduction to Alarms tab

Incident communication

  • Introduction to StatusIQ

Monitor management

  • Monitor groups and subgroups


  • Maintenance windows
  • Audit and alert logs
  • Log report

Certification Program

Become a certified Site24x7 user by taking part in our certification program. You can choose to be a Site24x7 Professional or a Product Expert certified user, and have your experience and skills speak for themselves.

Site24x7 Professional

Will gain expertise in basic product knowledge and capability to understand complete functionality of all the modules.

Site24x7 Product Expert

Advanced product knowledge that includes troubleshooting techniques, and certified to offer Site24x7 training and implementation for end users.

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