Test Results for domain: thefitzrovia.london

DNS Results: 05 Mar 2024 12:23:22 AM

DNS Results : thefitzrovia.london
SOA Record(s)
Field Value
No Record(s) Found
The SOA record for the zone is required to be present in the primary Name Server and is not found. This usually means that the zone file is not setup properly in the primary Name Server host. It may also be due to any of the following reasons.
The Name Server domain is actually not running at all. Start your Name Server domain before running this test again.
The Name Server domain is not reachable from the Internet because there is a firewall or filtering router that is blocking connections to port 53 on this host for both UDP and TCP connections. The firewall configuration must permit connections on this port from any host on the Internet for the DNS to function properly.
MX Record(s)
Target IP Priority TTL
No Record(s) Found
Reverse Lookup
IP Address Reverse Lookup Name Reverse IP Address Status OK OK
Name Server Performance
Server Resolved IP TTL Response Time (ms) Status
liz.ns.cloudflare.com.[] 300 19 OK
morgan.ns.cloudflare.com.[] 300 8 OK
Namespace Server delegation
Root Server Glue IP mapping Name Server mapping Status
Root Server Glue IP liz.ns.cloudflare.com. OK
morgan.ns.cloudflare.com.[liz.ns.cloudflare.com.] - Possible DNS forwarding issue.[morgan.ns.cloudflare.com.] - Possible DNS forwarding issue.
DNS Traversal- performed using h.root-servers.net.
Server Name Servers Response Time (ms) Status
a.nic.london.[] ns01.domaincontrol.com. 28 OK
b.nic.london.[] liz.ns.cloudflare.com. 23 OK
c.nic.london.[] ns01.domaincontrol.com. 31 OK
d.nic.london.[] liz.ns.cloudflare.com. 7 OK