Site24x7 vs TeamViewer Web Monitoring

Site24x7 is an all-in-one monitoring solution for DevOps and IT operations. TeamViewer is remote access and remote control computer software, with support for augmented reality and the Internet of Things. This document compares TeamViewer Web Monitoring with Site24x7's monitoring capabilities.

TeamViewer acquired Monitis almost a decade ago and called it TeamViewer Web Monitoring. It has now phased out support for Monitis, forcing users to use TeamViewer. Read our detailed Site24x7 vs. Monitis comparison.

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Why Choose Site24x7?

  • Monitoring from more than 110 global locations

    Site24x7 monitors website performance from more than 110 global locations. For some monitor types, you can also configure custom monitoring locations using On-Premise Poller and Mobile Network Poller. In contrast, TeamViewer offers only more than 30 monitoring locations and restricts use to five locations per monitor.

  • Advanced web monitoring

    Site24x7 offers more than just availability and uptime monitoring. With advanced features tailor-made to fulfill customers' monitoring needs, Site24x7 provides significant protocols, methods, and advanced configurations compared to TeamViewer.

  • All-in-one monitoring

    You monitor different IT resources under one roof at Site24x7's cloud-native scalability. Site24x7 is a comprehensive solution that provides monitoring for websites, servers, networks, applications, cloud services, and logs. You can also monitor your real users, digital experiences, virtualization platforms and containers, and write simple plugin scripts to monitor custom aspects of specific applications.

  • Mature monitoring

    Site24x7 has been in the monitoring market since 2006 and is a mature monitoring product. TeamViewer acquired Monitis in 2012 and announced end of life for it in 2021. However, some important features of Monitis are still unavailable through TeamViewer Web Monitoring. In contrast, Site24x7 is an industry-class monitoring solution with advanced capabilities that fit existing and scale to the expanding needs of SMBs and enterprise customers.

Site24x7 vs TeamViewer Web Monitoring

Services Offered Site24x7 TeamViewer Web Monitoring
Internet Services and End User Experience Monitoring
Website Monitoring
Global Monitoring Locations 130 30+
Mobile Network Monitoring
Webpage Speed (Browser) Monitoring
Synthetic Monitoring (Browser)
Real User Monitoring (RUM)
DNS Server Monitoring
Ping Monitoring
Port Monitoring
WebSocket Monitoring
REST API Transaction Monitoring
SOAP Services Monitoring
NTP Monitoring
FTP Transfer Monitoring
Security Monitoring
SSL/TLS Certificate Monitoring
Website Defacement Monitoring
Real-time Blocklist (RBL) Check
Brand Reputaion Monitoring
Domain Expiry Monitoring
Platform Features
Support for Monitor Grouping and Management
Free Tools
Status Pages to show Service Status to Customers
Maintenance Period
Resource Organization using Tags
Threshold-based Alerting
Configuration Rules for Automatic Association of Properties
Email Reports
Only CSV
Out-of-the-box Reports
Expected by Q3, 2021 for web monitoring
Log Reports
SLA Management and Reporting
IT Automation
Access Control
Customizable Dashboards
AI-powered Monitoring
Anomaly Detection
SMS and Emails
Voice Call and Mobile App Notifications
Mobile App
Android and iOS Apps
Web Monitoring not supported
Third Party Integrations
Jira, Slack, Zapier, Microsoft Teams, and ServiceNow
PagerDuty, Moogsoft, and Connectwise Manage
ManageEngine AlarmsOne and ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus
Secure Login Features
SSO Capability
Biometrics Authentication
Two-factor Authentication
Okta login support
Active Directory integration
Ability to restrict IP addresses
Support Options
Knowledge Base
Starts from $10/month $12/month
Free Trial 30 days 14 days
Basic plan
Pack Name Starter Basic
Number of Monitors 10 Websites/5 Servers
1 Synthetic Web Transaction
5 Network Monitoring Interfaces
2 NetFlow Analyzer Interfaces
500 MB Logs
100K RUM Pageviews & 1 Site
3 Status Pages in StatusIQ
25 basic monitors (Uptime Monitoring only)
Monitoring Locations 130 5
Poll Frequency 1 minute 1 minute
Other pricing options Starter, Pro, Classic, Enterprise, MSP, All-in-One, and other pricing options are available Only Basic and Advanced Plans are available
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