Monitor the Printers on your Network

Resolve issues swiftly and ensure high productivity of all the printers on your LAN by monitoring critical performance metrics.

Printer Monitoring

Monitor critical and custom metrics using SNMP counters.

  • Alert code: The code that describes the type of alert for the entry in the alert table.
  • Average marker life count: Number of pages printed per minute.
  • Cover status: The status of the cover subunit.
  • Ink level: Estimated ink levels.
  • Input current level: The current capacity of the input subunit.
  • Input status: The status of the input subunit.
  • Marker supplies level: The current level at which a marker supplies ink or toner to the printed surface.
  • Number of pages printed: Total number of pages printed.
  • Output status: The status of the output subunit.
  • Output remaining capacity: The remaining capacity of the output subunit.
  • Toner level: Estimated toner levels.

Printer performance management from the cloud.

Automatic Discovery

Automatically discover the printers in your network and add them for monitoring. You can also view the network structure using topology maps

Multi-vendor Support with Default Templates

Gain out-of-the-box support for vendors including HP, Epson, Canon, D-Link, Konika, Xerox, Dell, HBM, and RICOH with predefined templates for each of these vendors to make monitoring easy.

Simple Customization for Custom Counters

With simple customization, you can monitor printers of any vendor with SNMP support, as well as any performance metric, by adding just the sysOIDs from a printer's MIB.

Avert Issues with Precise Downtime Notifications

Stay up-to-date and act quickly with timely notifications. Get email, SMS, voice, instant messenger, RSS, and push notifications about downtime.

View all metrics from a single dashboard.

Keep track of your printer performance

Get more than just performance data.


Scales to monitor thousands of network devices

Network Discovery

Add multiple devices at once using an IP range

Alerts and Reports

Get timely downtime alerts, and view reports with graphs

High Availability

Ensure high network availability by optimizing bandwidth allocation

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