Monitor your Lighttpd web server metrics.

Integrate with Site24x7 and keep an eye on Lighttpd's usage, uptime and more.

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A web server, Lighttpd is known for its smaller size, speed and scalability. Lighttpd monitoring is critical to reduce both lag and downtime, and at the same time troubleshoot efficiently when these issues occur.

This document details how to configure the Lighttpd plugin and the monitoring metrics for providing in-depth visibility into the performance, availability, and usage stats of Lighttpd web servers.

Lighttpd web server monitoring metrics:

Site24x7 plugins offer insightful visualizations and timely alerts to ensure continued functioning of your Lighttpd web server.

Various out-of-the-box metrics we support are:


The total number of requests handled since start of the web server


It is the overall outgoing traffic in KB handled by the Lighttpd web server


The amount of time (in seconds) since the server startup.

Busy servers

The busy_servers is the number of active connection per server

Idle servers

idle_servers is the number of idle connections per server

How it works?

  • Log-in to your Site24x7 account. Sign up here if you don't have one.
  • Download and install the latest version of Site24x7 Linux agent
  • Install the Lighttpd plugin extension
  • The agent will execute the Lighttpd plugin and push the data to the Site24x7 server


  • Open the Lighttpd configuration file (/etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf) and add the mod_status to server.modules if not present
  • Add status url if not present already
  • Restart the Lighttpd server

Lighttpd plugin installation:

  • Create a directory with the name "lighttpd", under Site24x7 Linux agent plugin directory - /opt/site24x7/monagent/plugins/
    sudo mkdir lighttpd
  • Download the "" from our GitHub repository and place it under the "lighttpd" directory
    sudo wget
  • The default python path given in the plugin script is #!/usr/bin/python. If you wish to provide an alternate python path, replace the existing one preceded by the shebang character "#!".
  • By default, the Lighttpd plugin uses localhost:80 with no username, password and proxy for monitoring Lighttpd servers. To change the configuration, edit the values of URL, USERNAME and PASSWORD in the file
  • The server agent will report stats on the performance of Lighttpd under the Plugins tab in the Site24x7 web client. In case the plugin is not listed in the Site24x7 web client, restart the agent

Monitoring additional metrics:

  • To monitor additional metrics, edit the "" file and add the new metrics that need monitoring
  • Increment the plugin version value in the file "" to view the newly added metrics (For e.g., change the default plugin version from PLUGIN_VERSION = "1" to "PLUGIN_VERSION = "2")

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