Microsoft Office 365 Monitoring

Monitor service status of Exchange, Sites, Domains, Skype, and more. Stay on top of performance issues by getting instant alerts and informative reports on your Office 365 services.

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Analyze individual service health and its availability.

Monitor performance of individual Microsoft Office 365 services configured in your account and get to know in real-time if a particular service is available.

Set notifications for an individual service and stay on top of issues when a particular service goes down.

Service Health

Optimize Microsoft Exchange performance.

Make sure Microsoft Exchange performs optimally by monitoring Mailbox and Mail Group stats. Analyze data like active/inactive mailbox count, usage count and more. Get visibility into mail groups created/deleted and metrics like:

  • Incoming mail traffic
  • Outgoing mail traffic
  • Mail clients
Optimal Exchange Performance

Microscopic visibility into Skype conference stats.

Get full visibility into Skype conference stats and analyze details on individual conference durations. Monitor active conference details like:

  • Total conferences
  • Web conferences
  • IM conferences
  • AV conferences
  • Application sharing conferences

Also monitor Active Session details like total, audio, file transfer, IM, video and application sharing sessions.

Lync Conference Stats