Introducing REST API Transaction Monitor.

We're excited to�announce the launch of our brand-new REST API Transaction Monitor. With this release, you can now seamlessly test your mobile and web application workflows end-to-end; without the overhead of running any real browser. You can configure separate steps to simulate and test all HTML requests, REST API calls, including any AJAX calls that your web application workflow utilizes.


  • Step-based monitoring: Monitor a sequence of 25 endpoint URLs at a minimum check frequency of 10 minutes
  • Smart Configuration: Quickly set-up your transaction step for monitoring by importing�RAW request headers from your preferred�browser developer tool
  • Session cookies: Authentication cookies or other cookie data set by the application will be persisted during the entire transaction
  • Parameter Forwarding:�The response value fetched from one API response can be used as a critical input for any subsequent API calls to another API�
  • HTTP Methods: Test real CRUD sequences in production
  • Content Validation: Validate plain text responses with string checks for keywords or regular expressions, XML or JSON responses using XPath and JSONPath respectively
  • Authentication support: Basic/NTLM or OAuth authenticated endpoints can be monitored.
Server Tools tab.

Now view and monitor all your services and processes from a single console under the Server Tools tab that lists down the event logs, services and processes for the time period selected.

By navigating to Server > Server Tools, you can view the complete list of services and processes running on your server. Add the required ones to your monitor and mark them up for monitoring. Start or stop a service in the web client itself.�

[APM Insight] Monitor your PHP applications hosted in Windows platform.

With�Site24x7 APM Insight PHP Agent, you can now monitor your applications hosted in Microsoft IIS server or in any other Windows platform.

With�APM Insight PHP Agent for Windows, you can now:�

  • Understand your end-user satisfaction level with the help of key metrics like Apdex Score, Throughput and�Response time
  • Monitor proactively to identify errors, exceptions, and traces
  • Identify root cause of a problem by inspecting traces at method level
  • Understand the response time and throughput taken by your database transactions.

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