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Product Updates
Multi-cloud log monitoring with AppLogs: AWS, Azure, and GCP integration

You can now manage logs from all major cloud service providers on one centralized platform. Adding to the existing support for AWS and Azure, we're thrilled to introduce the integration of GCP log forwarding with AppLogs. Analyze and monitor log data from your cloud resources and stay ahead of potential issues.

Boost Aerospike database performance and availability with our latest plugin integration

Ensure reliable and responsive queries with the new Aerospike database monitoring plugin integration. Track key metrics like active connections and memory usage to maintain optimal performance, detect issues early, perform capacity planning, and maximize database availability.

Enhanced escalation settings in notification profiles

The escalation settings in notification profiles have been upgraded. You can now select specific statuses for which you prefer escalation and define the time period after which the escalation should occur for each status. You can configure up to nine different escalation settings.

Exhaustive cluster dashboard for Kubernetes monitoring

Get a centralized view of all the clusters, nodes, pods, services, DaemonSets, deployments, ReplicaSets, and jobs in your entire Kubernetes cluster with the all-new Kubernetes Cluster Dashboard. Monitor cluster-wide metrics and all the events happening in your cluster, pinpoint issues quickly, and streamline cluster management.

Verify your server’s speed and responsiveness with disk IOPS monitoring

Low disk input/output operations per second (IOPS) could mean that the applications and workloads running on your server are slow. With Site24x7’s server performance monitoring, set alerts when disk IOPS drops below desired limits and bring your applications back up to speed.

Initiate remediation in your Azure environment without manual intervention

Bring down the mean time to repair issues by auto-remediating their resolution. Save time and resources with an exhaustive list of remedial actions for different Azure services.

Changing PHP agent configurations (from v4.1)

Explore the various options to modify PHP agent configurations for Linux and Windows, including the application name, data port, and status port.

Product tips | Webinars

Join our experts for a live session to see how Site24x7 can fit your monitoring needs and help you obtain complete visibility across all infrastructure, applications, and resources in your environment.

Webinar Topic:
End-to-end Azure observability: The complete essentials of Azure monitoring

Date: Nov. 1, 2023 - 11am EDT | 06am BST

Webinar Topic:
Gain visibility into the digital security of your organization and enforce a better resilience plan

Date: Nov. 8, 2023 - 11am EDT | 06am BST

Webinar Topic:
Optimize your infrastructure for Black Friday and beyond

Date: Nov. 15, 2023 - 11am EDT | 06am BST

Webinar Topic:
Minimize outages and build resilient networks with complete network observability

Date: Nov. 29, 2023 - 11am EDT | 06am BST

More free tools

Check out a couple of our free tools in this month's edition:

JavaScript validator tool

Enhance code quality and minimize runtime issues using our JavaScript validator tool, which can help identify syntax errors and inconsistencies in your code.

Oracle infrastructure designer tool

Design and visualize your Oracle infrastructure and services with our tool. Its drag-and-drop design canvas helps to deliver a seamless workflow.

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