Integration with Jira.

You can now integrate your Site24x7 account with Jira and facilitate automatic creation of issues for alarms. This integration helps streamline issue management by providing a common platform to work simultaneously on issues related to your websites, servers, network, and more.

Performance reports for service and process monitoring.

You can now view all the Windows services and Linux processes running across servers/for two or more servers in your account. You can also export these reports as CSV, PDF, or send it via email.

Monitor Azure WebJobs within the Azure Web App services.

In addition to 100+ services, WebJobs will now be automatically discovered and added for monitoring. Get it's status and performance data, and be notified of any unexpected behavior.

Amazon Lightsail instance monitoring integration.

With this integration, you can now easily monitor your applications deployed with Amazon Lightsail, and keep track of all websites and applications.

Monitor Azure Function Apps via APM Insight.

Monitor and optimize the performance of your Azure Functions App's key metrics like response time, throughput, Apdex score, errors, and exceptions via the APM Insight .NET Core agent.

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  • Elastic Kubernetes Service Monitoring
  • Amazon MQ Monitoring
  • Moogsoft Integration
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