Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

We care deeply about the privacy and security of all customer and performance data sent to Site24x7 for processing, so we plan to implement GDPR controls as our baseline standard for all our operations, worldwide. Read along to find out some key highlights of Site24x7 that are specific to the GDPR.

Bulk Action - Disassociate Monitors from Monitor Groups.

Now you can disassociate multiple monitors from your chosen monitor group or a set of monitor groups on a single click.

New metric aggregators in Global Benchmark Report.

Your Global Benchmark Report can now help you determine the availability and response time trends of your monitor groups based on the average or 95th percentile values of the selected data.

Installation of your Linux, FreeBSD and OS X agents by a non root user.

You can now install the Linux, FreeBSD and OS X agents by a root or a non root user. Specific to the Linux platform, you can also opt to run the agent as root or non root after successful installation.

Support for Windows event logs.

You can now upload and manage your Windows event log types like system logs, application logs, security logs, and more using Site24x7 AppLogs. Troubleshoot and optimize your Windows servers to find the root cause of failures in a single dashboard.

Monitor the size of a frequency of an operation using App Parameters.

Monitor the size of a frequency of a variable or an operation using App Parameters - With real-world applications, the App Parameters feature comes in handy when monitoring the frequency of hits to DB calls, service calls, or user-defined framework calls.

Organize AWS resources using a custom tag.

Assign the case-sensitive tag with key = group_site24x7 along with a value of your choice to your AWS resources to automatically roll them up into monitor groups.

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