Monitor and manage your infrastructure for remote work.

Monitor the complete infrastructure that supports your remote work, including virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs), virtual private networks (VPNs), AWS WorkSpaces, intranet networks, and more with Site24x7.

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Schedule IT automations.

You can now schedule automations to respond to incidents. For example, you can upload a server script to clean up logs for an e-commerce application and restart the application. You can also schedule the cleanup frequency and start time.

Discover your AWS resources using tag-based services.

Save time organizing AWS resources using tags during the discovery process. You can now exclude or include AWS resources from being monitored based on preconfigured tags, and control which resources are discovered and monitored.

Forecast your datastore's space requirements with AI-powered insights.

With AI-powered insights that give visibility into critical metrics like disk file space, occupied space, and snapshot space based on historical data, you can forecast requirements of your VMware datastores without being physically present at your datacenters.

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