Log File Monitoring for Linux and Windows

Server Log File Monitoring

Monitor Log Files of Systems and Critical Apps for Easy Troubleshooting

Analyze valuable information in log files in real time and receive instant warnings when specific string patterns are detected.

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Linux Log File Monitoring From the Cloud

Monitor Linux Server Logs

Analyze log files such as web server logs, developer debug logs and more. Receive real time alerts for errors, failed requests and operation status.

Monitor File System Events

Get notified instantly when files are created or deleted within a directory. ​Track archived files and timestamps to remove unwanted files for effective space utilization.

Check Log Content

Check for specific keywords and their occurrences in log files to drill down to failed requests degrading server performance.

Control Log File Size

Monitor log space use to conform with optimal growth rate.

Monitor Application Logs

Track the log files generated by services, applications such MySQL, Tomcat and third party applications to determine slow queries, workloads, request rate and more.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Identify performance bottlenecks in Windows and Linux servers proactively and stay ahead of outages.


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How it Works?

Step 1

Sign up, download and install Site24x7 server monitor agent

Step 2

Add checks to a Resource Check Profile and associate with the server

Step 3

Configure alerts to be notified via SMS, Email to execute actions

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