Kubernetes Monitoring

Kubernetes monitoring provides better visibility into your container environment and helps you stay on top of your deployments. It simplifies handling the complexity and provides an understanding of the communication between many distributed and diversified applications.

Monitor and manage microservices, application performance, availability, health, and resource consumption. Detect Kubernetes-specific problems and obtain root-cause analysis across complex microservice architectures with our Kubernetes monitoring tool.

Kubernetes Monitoring

Comprehensive Kubernetes monitoring tool

Kubernetes cluster monitoring

Get capacity recommendations for all nodes in the cluster to ensure they are working correctly at their optimum capacity. Analyze the resource utilization of nodes, pods, and the entire cluster to increase or decrease the number and size according to the requirement.

Node and pod monitoring

Understand and keep track of how nodes, pods, and deployments work. Monitor the health, CPU, and memory metrics of every Kubernetes component from one console.

Troubleshoot issues faster

Site24x7's AI and automation tools for the Kubernetes monitor let you pinpoint issues for faster remediation in the highly distributed containerized environments.


Monitor and manage customer accounts and support their needs and capabilities from single dashboard. Add and track your Kubernetes infrastructure, and monitor multiple customer groups in a multi-tenant setup. Get a central view of all your individual operational monitors.

Capabilities of our Kubernetes monitoring tool

Monitor your Kubernetes components in real time

Get a complete picture of your Kubernetes performance by actively checking the status of vital elements like the kube-apiserver, kube-scheduler, kube-controller-manager, and etcd. Simplify monitoring with instant alerts, keeping you up-to-date with any crucial changes in real time. Track service latency and throughput to ensure that your applications always deliver peak performance in your Kubernetes environment.

Monitor your Kubernetes components in real time
Kubernetes monitoring customizable dashboard

View comprehensive dashboards and in-depth reports

Utilize the power of numerous dashboards, including health, inventory, and namespace dashboards, to pinpoint issues in your Kubernetes infrastructure. Customize dashboards according to your needs and gather crucial metrics from all infrastructure tiers. With the Site24x7 Kubernetes monitoring tool, you'll receive comprehensive reports on resource availability, performance, and health trends with actionable insights, guiding you to resolve performance issues more efficiently across nodes, containers, and pods.

Monitor Kubernetes workloads

Keep track of all terminated pods in a worker node, and see the additional workload that can be deployed per node. Get insights on workloads such as ConfigMaps, DaemonSets, Deployments, EndPoints, Jobs, ReplicaSets, and StatefulSets. Build a cohesive Kubernetes environment through on-premises and cloud integrations. Also, monitor Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) for full-stack cloud observability.

Monitor Kubernetes clusters and workloads

Full-stack monitoring


End-to-end visibility

Easy setup

Alerts and Reports

The complete tool to solve all your monitoring needs

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