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Managing infrastructure monitoring with Site24x7 is very easy.

Amit Kumar - Cloud and DevOps, Managed Service Operations, Publicis Sapient
360-degree monitoring

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Publicis Sapient is a digital transformation partner. It helps organizations get to their future, digitally enabled state, both in the way they work and the way they serve their clients.


Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts 53 offices in 17 countries around the globe


Information technology and services

Seizing the space between next and now. That is what Publicis Sapient is all about. The cutting-edge IT solution provider helps digitally enable its clients’ businesses in the pursuit of the future. It is focused on assisting them in advancing them towards a new era of technologies.

For a brand that believes startup thinking and fresh ways of working ensure relevance in our evolving world, it was perhaps no surprise that Publicis Sapient would be one of the first clients to evaluate the beta version of Site24x7’s MSP program.

Fast-forward a few years, and Publicis Sapient now supports more than 25 clients within a single Site24x7 platform. The IT services provider uses around 2,000 basic checks and 5,000,000 real user monitoring (RUM) page views, among other things to support its clients.

But let’s take things back to those early days. Why did Publicis Sapient decide to migrate to Site24x7 from the monitoring product it had been using?


Fresh thinkers seeking a fresh approach

Issues with the previous monitoring solution

Amit Kumar, with the Cloud and DevOps, Managed Service Operations team was looking for a unified platform that would ensure data segregation based on the user, account, or project. Those features were not available with the monitoring product Publicis Sapient was using then.

“There were some challenges, like we were not able to perform segregation of checks,” Kumar said.

Kumar’s colleague Amit Chaurasia, Senior Associate Infrastructure, Cloud & DevOps - Managed Service Operations, picks up the story: “Using the other product, we faced challenges whereby, even after providing the permissions, one client was able to see the data of another client.”

Chaurasia says they were also looking for an all-in-one monitoring solution that would enable them to monitor a client’s whole infrastructure, application performance, real-user experience, and ensure data integrity, security, and privacy.

That was what they found with Site24x7.


We were looking for a product or a monitoring solution that could provide 360-degree monitoring, where we could monitor the application as well as infrastructure, web, and synthetic. Site24x7 provides that.


Site24x7 comes on the radar

Having made the decision to find a new monitoring solution, they started looking at a number of different products.

When the Publicis Sapient IT team became aware of Site24x7, discussions with the Site24x7 Support Team followed. Next, the IT team took advantage of the 30-day free trial, thoroughly evaluated the solution, and determined that Site24x7 surpassed the organization's previous monitoring product in the key areas Publicis Sapient was required to support its expanding client base.

Failing to notice failures

Detecting issues before clients raise them

One area of improvement that Kumar highlights is synthetic monitoring, the technique of using scripted transactions to simulate user behavior on a site to detect performance issues before they impact end users.

Before, the IT team had to manually create the script to enable synthetic monitoring. Site24x7, however, provided them with a Selenium-based web recorder, which has made a big difference.

Failing to notice failures

Post implementing Site24x7 and doing synthetic monitoring, we have saved lots of downtime and outages, or client escalations.

Site24x7 gave the Publicis Sapient IT team the capability to detect problems common end-user problems, such as not being able to log in, or issues at the point of payment.

With Site24x7’s synthetic monitoring, the IT team can create transaction journeys–starting from the login to a website, then adding a product to the cart, and taking it to checkout.


These transaction journeys have helped us detect issues before a client raises or escalates it.


Driving down (MTTD) Mean Time to Detect

Kumar also highlighted URL monitoring and webpage speed monitoring as the two areas where Site24x7 has helped Publicis Sapient improve the service it offers its clients.

Before, the Publicis Sapient IT team only had URL monitoring setup to check for the availability of the homepage.

The Publicis Sapient IT team can now monitor the availability of all their clients webpages efficiently and in an affordable manner.

Site24x7’s webpage speed monitoring has helped the Publicis Sapient IT team identify precisely which element is taking more time to load and where further optimization is needed at the application layer.


There are multiple use cases where this product has helped us


Avoiding cost overruns

Recently, Publicis Sapient migrated a client from its open source infrastructure monitoring to Site24x7.

The impact? Cost overruns has been slashed to zero.


Managing infrastructure monitoring using Site24x7 is very easy. You just have to deploy the agent and you get the stats in the portal.


Resolving an admin headache

What difference have Kumar and Chaurasia seen with data segregation now that Publicis Sapient has migrated to Site24x7?

With Site24x7’s MSP feature, Publicis Sapient can provide user-level access management. Kumar finds the administration side of things much easier. He is able to give his clients admin access so they have responsibility for what they are doing in terms of monitoring checks.

“If I have a company, say Company X, then I can give access to people in Company X only and they can then manage that themselves,” explains Kumar.

But the Super Admin role remains with Kumar to manage.


These kinds of functionalities–the user management–help us in managing our accounts.


All smiles in the Network Operations Center

What do Kumar and Chaurasia love most about Site24x7?

The NOC dashboard.

In Publicis Sapient’s Gurgaon office in northern India, there is a dedicated NOC room with large screens and 30 people working 24/7. Everyone loves Site24x7’s NOC view for its simplistic, yet intuitive design and valuable insights.

If there is any orange or yellow notifications, that signify a problem or potential problem, the NOC team can take action immediately. Instead of waiting for an email notification, they can look at the NOC dashboard and trace down to see which check has a problem.


Always helping you obtain the best deal

Kumar is also full of praise for Site24x7’s sales team, particularly the sales contact he works with. He always helps Publicis Sapient to obtain the best price and best renewal deal.


The NOC view of this product is very attractive.

What’s more, when Publicis Sapient recently referred a client from the Middle East to Site24x7, again the sales team helped get the best price for that account.


Resolution within 24 hours

Kumar also mentions support. He was particularly impressed with the service provided by Site24x7’s support team recently.

A member of Kumar’s team had an issue that led him to seek help from Site24x7. He approached the support team. Before even 24 hours had passed, theyresolved the issue for him.


The Site24x7 sales team are awesome.

And for a customer-centered organization like Publicis Sapient, that level of responsive service is what they’re looking for in a partner.

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