IT Monitoring Powered by AIOps

Harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to monitor your IT resources with Site24x7's artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) and machine learning operations (MLOps). Improve mean time to repair (MTTR) issues with the help of Site24x7 AIOps powered by Zia.

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The benefits of AIOps in IT monitoring

AIOps in IT Monitoring provides proactive insights to help DevOps achieve better control over their IT environment. It also helps to:

Avert downtime

With predictive analysis and anomaly detection, identify issues before they impact your websites, servers, and applications. Receive anomaly-based alerts, fix issues right away, and avoid costly downtime.

Automate remediation

Stay ahead of potential problems, create an automation profile, and orchestrate automatic actions to remediate alerts, incidents, and events. This helps you reduce time and effort spent on fixing issues.

Reduce MTTR

With the help of anomaly detection and IT Automation, resolve issues quickly and improve the MTTR of incidents. This reduces the diagnostic time and troubleshooting for outages and other issues.

AIOps and MLOps for DevOps

Stay on top of your websites, servers, networks, and application performance with real-time monitoring, anomaly detection, predictive analysis, automation, and instant alerts. Help your DevOps and network teams identify and fix mission-critical issues in advance with Site24x7's AI.

Data visualization and business intelligence for IT

Data visualization and business intelligence for IT

With business-critical data organized in the form of charts, dashboards, and reports, fetch the right piece of information quickly and analyze the data required for troubleshooting. Leverage root cause analysis (RCA) reports to understand the issues within your IT environment.

Predict future trends with historical analysis and contextualization

Study the current disk and memory space, and predict how much space these will occupy in the future with our AI-powered insights. You can maximize space in advance so that it doesn't impact your server's performance. Obtain similar predictions for all AWS service metrics, based on historical observations.

AIOps space predictions-Site24x7
Anomaly detection and proactive alerting

Anomaly detection and proactive alerting

Detect anomalies, like website response time spikes, increase in network bandwidth utilization, or high CPU utilization in your server, with Site24x7's anomaly detection engine. Configure Zia-based thresholds and receive alerts so you can act on issues before they impact your business.

Automate solutions to common issues using simple scripts

You needn't take action on your Zia-based thresholds and alerts every time. Instead, you can use IT Automation to orchestrate incident remediation using simple scripts that automatically fix the issues. For instance, you can configure automation to clear the disk space once it becomes full or reaches a configured threshold. Instead of performing these tasks manually, utilizing an automation script saves your IT team time and effort.

IT automation using AIOps tool
NLP-based chatbots for IT operations-Site24x7 AI-monitoring tool

NLP-based chatbots for IT operations

If you need expert advice while monitoring your resources, Site24x7's built-in natural language processing (NLP) based chatbots built on an advanced AI platform can assist. Simply submit a question and receive instant answers using simple dialogue inputs from collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoho Cliq.

Why choose Site24x7

Site24x7, with its statistical ML capabilities and over 10 years of Zoho's AI research, processes more then one billion requests per months with respect to AI and ML.

Low data setting models

Site24x7 AI models deployed with transfer learning techniques work in a low data setting, meaning AI works with minimum data.

Explanation ready

The Anomaly Dashboard provides predictions with detailed explanations on where and what caused the anomaly.

Privacy friendly

Site24x7's AI-models are privacy friendly with transparent data collection and processing.

FAQ about AIOps (Artificial Intelligence in IT Operations)

What does AIOps stand for?

AIOps stands for artificial intelligence for IT operations. It refers to different layers of technology that automate and enhance IT operations management (ITOM) using AI and ML-powered insights.

What is AIOps?

AIOps is the process of combining big data and machine learning to automate IT operations. It simplifies ITOM by automating problem resolution in complex IT automation. AIOps is the application of advanced analytics and includes event correlation, anomaly detection, and causality determination. It drives digital transformation and brings together complex, dynamic IT environments to meet user demands for uninterrupted operations.

What are AIOps tools?

AIOps tools are ITOM tools equipped with AI and ML capabilities that can harness the power of these technologies to improve IT operations. They monitor different IT resources and have built-in AIOps features like pattern discovery, anomaly detection, and RCA. AIOps tools collect and consolidate operational data into a big data platform and use advanced analytics and ML to identify, fix, and report IT issues. They aim to reduce the processes involved in monitoring, automation, and operating a service desk.

Why do we need AIOps?

IT environments are complex these days with microservices, virtualization, cloud and containerization, and distributed architecture. The way businesses operate is changing dynamically with the advent of digital transformation. AIOps has a great potential for analyzing data from disparate sources. In IT infrastructures today, data is scattered across servers, devices, and applications and has to be consolidated for better troubleshooting and analysis. AIOps is a combination of monitoring, AI and ML, and analytics. It provides the necessary data correlation combined with actionable insights for quicker remediation of issues.

How does AIOps work?

AIOps involve data selection, pattern discovery, inference, collaboration, and automation. In monitoring terms, AIOps involve data collection from multiple sources, auto-discovery and data correlation, data analysis for actionable insights, inter-team collaborations for further analysis, and automation to solve probable issues.

What are the benefits of AIOps?

AIOps supports and enhances monitoring by solving analytics challenges, speeding up troubleshooting, and problem-solving. It also improves collaboration between IT teams, accelerates deployments, automates issues fixes, and reduces the alert noise by solving common issues. This reduces operational costs. AIOps is more than an option, and is inevitable for successful business operations.

A complete AIOps package for your IT

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